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Garrison, East London

A massive thank you to Jessy for being such a great trainer and always going the extra mile – even when I don’t want to!  My body has changed in just 3 months!  You are really the best – thanks for never giving up on me!



Louis, Vauxhall south west London

I have found Jessy to be nothing but reliable, professional and a pleasure to work out with. She has a great knack of pushing the limits to get the maximum out of a session without it ever seeming like a chore. I would highly recommend her.




Shanaz, Ravenscourt west London

Jess is a fantastic personal trainer to work with. She always comes prepared with a session plan and mixes it up so no two sessions are ever the same. She is great at motivating/encouraging/pushing me and knows which approach to take depending on how I’m feeling during the workout.


She also pays close attention to detail to ensure you’re doing the exercises properly and can’t get away with “cheating”! I always feel good after a training session with her, even if my muscles ache the next day!




Jeff, Bermondsay south east London

Jess sets challenging but realistic goals; there is not a session that is not varied and incremental to the work we have done before. I particularly appreciate the fact that Jess introduces dynamic movements to exercise both my cardiovascular and core strength.

An ancillary benefit of working with Jess is that she has a very detailed understanding of the nutritional components required to maximize the benefits of the prescribed training regime. I genuinely believe I think better about what I eat and its impact than ever before. That is as a direct result of listening to the advice and support of Jess.

I look forward to every session we spend together and I do not know where I would be without her!




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